About Us

Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care offers Organic Anti Aging Skin Care products. We are an affordable, effective and luxurious alternative to national skin care brands. Products are available at our Skin Care Shop at www.shop.pureradiance.ca

We offer a full line of organic anti aging cleansers; antioxidant toners; anti aging eye, day and night creams, anti aging serums, spa clay facial masks, hand and body lotion and mineral make up.

Product features:

- achieve tightening, smoothing, firming and lifting
- stimulate and increase quantity and quality of collagen types I, III, IV and XVII
​- reduce and prevent lines and wrinkles; crows feet by increasing skin elasticity
- decrease, treat and prevent dark circles, puffy eyes, broken blood cells and redness
- strengthen tissue cells, fortify collagen fibrils, and visibly remodel the skin
- improve and rejuvenate over-all skin tone and complexion

Products are infused with natures most powerful blend of quality plant-derived botanical extracts, skin vitamins, antioxidants, skin vitamins, essential oils, moisturizers, floral distillates and clinically proven peptides and anti aging/ anti wrinkle actives.

Our products contain NO Water; have NO unnecessary fillers; NO alcohol, bismuth, talc, mineral oil, dye, silicone, paraben, sulfate, estrogen, phthalate, gluten and NO artificial fragrance, perfume or synthetic preservatives.

Discounts/ Benefits:

No Customs feed (Duty-free)
No Customs feed (Duty-free)
​- Loyalty Rewards Program Discounts (5-20% off) see About Us Page
Prices are 40-60% lower than national organic skin care brands with peptides
Larger sizes/ amounts- see comparison on About Us Page
Fill our products to the top of each jar/bottle, therefore amt received is always more

Visit our main website at https://www.pureradiance.ca for more information About Us, FAQ/Shipping, Testimonials, Products, Organics and Peptides. Products are also available through various other online outlets and through select Salon and Spa locations.

We look forward to serving you.

Love your skin,

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