About Us

Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care is a family owned and operated business. Our anti aging skin care products are a reasonably priced alternative for large, national brands. We are able to pass down several discounts as we do not have large overhead and place our focus on our products rather than on fancy labels and boxes.

Our anti aging skin care products are available online through various outlets as well through select Spa, Salon and Plastic Surgeon's Offices in Canada and Europe.

Pure Radiance offers organic anti aging skin care products made of the highest quality organic extracts, anti-oxidants, essential oils and our potent blend of multiple peptides. Our anti aging skin care products will provide you with the fast, long lasting, visible results.

To participate in our Loyalty Rewards Program create your free shop account by clicking register from our Shop Site. For more information, see About Us Page at our home website at https://www.pureradiance.ca. If you have any difficulty placing your order through our shop-site, please contact us directly to inform us of the difficulty experienced and as a temporary solution you may email us your order to: info@pureradiance.ca

We beat our competitors in several areas including:

  • having the top 10 anti aging face creams

  • we offer larger product sizes/ amounts (see our in depth comparison to national brands on our About Us Page on our main website)

  • prices that are 50-70% lower than our national brand competitors with similar organic, peptide ingredients

  • We value our returning customers and offer a Loytalty Rewards Program (5-20% discount off each order). See our About Us Page on our main website for information.

  • our customers do not pay duty/import fees when importing products to your Country.

  • products contain a higher concentration of active ingredients

  • products are tax free offering an automatic 13% savings before any additional discounts

  • we do not set shipping fees. We only charge our customers what Canada Post charges us to ship your order. Any overestimate above $2 is refunded. Average shipping price from Canada to USA is $17 depending on weight of order.

  • offer detailed organic, peptide, ingredient information (how they work) and their benefits- see Organicand Peptide Pages

  • we keep our customers informed when there are any changes or are offering a special promotion, discounts or contests. These are announced on our Blog

  • we pride ourselves on customer service by responding to all customer inquiries, emails and communications within 2-3 business days, unlike larger companies that receive your email but fail to return a response

Shop with confidence in our SSL secured Shop site where your information is fully protected through our encrypted database.

We look forward to serving you. For further information About us, our products and benefits and/or ingredients, please visit our main website at Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care Canada.

Love your skin,

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