Spa Clay Facials

Spa Clay Facials
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Previously, Specialty Facials were only available at expensive Day Spas, promissing to take years off of your appearance within a half-hour session. Now, Pure Radiance offers Natures Specialty Spa Clay Facials for an at-home effective and economical treatment with incredibly visible age-defying results. Sometimes the saying is true, that the simplest of solutions often come straight from home, and include the beneficial ingredients for luminous, rejuvenated skin.

Our facials come in the following types: Rhassoul, Firming French Green and Australian Red Reef. 

Find out about the benefits of these natural beautifying products, and treat yourself to either a daily or weekly at home facial. Chose the Clay that best suits your need, or try them one by one for your skin to reap all of their individual benefits combined.

All of our natural specialty clay facials are Non-Comedogenic (will not clog pores), Non-Irritating and contain NO Preservatives, Alcohol, Fillers, Paraben, Sulfate, Estrogen, Phthalate, Gluten, Bismuth, Talc, Mineral Oil, Dyes, Silicone or Artificial Fragrance!

Sizes: 1oz (30ml) and 2oz (60ml).

Clay Powders have been used for skin care since the the days of ancient Rome and Egypt over 2000 years ago. They are used now by many of the finest spas in the world. When mixed with water they become an instant mud that can be applied to the face as a beauty masque for healthy, firmer, younger-looking skin.

Our formulas come in dry clay form with added AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and Multi-Fruit Acid Complex to moisturize, renew skin cell, form collagen, firm and soothe the skin, remove lines, wrinkles, sun damage, remove age spots, broken cappillaries, heal rosacea, psoriasis and eczema and more! Sheds off the outermost layer of skin cells, induces renewal of a skin cell layer, increases the moisturizing level of the skin which improves the flexibility of the upper skin layer. The rewards are tremendously beneficial in achieving beautiful and luxurious skin.

** Pure Radiance discourages mixing clays together, as contents may become de-stabilized.


1oz/30ml-$13.00  This is $1.85 (lasts 7 weeks; makes 7 facials at once per week)

2oz/60-ml-$25.00  This is $1.78 per application! (lasts 14 weeks; makes 14 facials at once per week)

**Due to the high mineral and ionic content, clays and muds may settle at the bottom pushing liquids on top, so if you have pre-mixed your entire clay rather than mix only what you need per each use, we recommend that you stir your clay well prior to use. If pre-mixed, you may also need to add additional water to loosen the mixture as it will thicken over time. We therefore recommend only mixing what you need, per use. Avoid using metal utensils to blend your clay mixtures. Metals can react with the minerals contained in the clay.

To use as cleanser/exfoliant: mix 1-2 tablespoons of clay with enough water to form a smooth paste. Apply to face using gentle circular motions. Let dry. Rinse with warm water.

To Use: Mix 1/2 TSP clay with water to create a watery paste. Apply evenly to clean face. Allow mask to dry and then rinse clean.

Application of all clays: Apply a thin, even layer on face and neck (avoiding eyes) using spatula provided. Spread with fingers or clay brush. Leave on for 15 min. then rinse with warm water to remove. Follow with a moisturizer. Used for anti aging, it is recommended to use specialty clays 2x week for lines and wrinkle improvement along with a consistent anti aging cleansing, toning and moisturization routine. Those with good skin tolerance, showing no signs of irritation, may use clays on daily basis.

Note: Jars sizes can be deceiving which is why we always fill by amount and not by jar size. Pure Radiance is currently using up jars on hand. Once we have used supplies, we will make the decision as to which jars will be permanent.


Detoxifying Rhassoul Clay Facial with AHA

Rhassoul clay is also known as Moroccan Red Clay). It is truly of exquisite spa quality coming from ancient deposits unearthed from the fertile Atlas Mountains of Morocco; where it has been used for over 1400. Rhassoul is very high in trace minerals such as silica, magnesium, iron, calcium, copper and many others making it truly one of the finest treasures for pampering your skin. Rhassoul is impressive with absorption & astringent properties, and effective for cleansing that aids in detoxification, and general skin care. It improves facial appearance, eliminating signs of aging and other skin ailments. Has added AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and Multi-Fruit Acid Complex which have cell renewing, firming, anti aging and soothing properties on the skin. It moisturizes and promotes collagen synthesis- a great as an anti aging treatment. Ideal for all skin types.

Short list benefits are:

  • Ideal for all skin types especially for aging or mature skin
  • Improves skin texture and undesirable signs of aging such as discoloration and wrinkling. (100%)
  • Reduces dryness of scalp and skin (79%)
  • Improves skin clarity and clogged pores (68%)
  • Removes surface oils and oil from inside and around acne (62%)
  • Detoxifies and removes impurities; treat and heals eczema, psoriasis and acne (62%)
  • Reduces flakiness and dead skin layers, resulting in a general smoothing of the surface skin (41%)
  • Improves skin elasticity, firmness, collagen synthesis (24%)
  • Has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and antiseptic qualities
  • Added AHA Complex for cell renewal; collagen  synthesis; firming & anti aging properties

Ingredients: Rhassoul Moroccan Clay, Botanical Alpha Hydoxy Acid Complex, Multi-Fruit Acid Complex.

Firming French Green Clay Facial with AHA

It's no secret that ancients like Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti, women known for their beauty, used clays to help keep their skin looking its best. It is one of the most popular and useful clays used in cosmetics. It is very absorbent, and removes oils, toxic substances, and impurities. Its toning action stimulates the skin by bringing fresh blood to damaged skin cells, revitalizing the complexion; tightening the skin and pores and leaving skin refreshed; smooth and radiant. It is excellent for those with problem skin are enlarged pores or acne spots. When your pores become clogged with oils, dead skin cells, sebum and bacteria, it can result in acne breakouts. To prevent these skin eruptions from occurring, clean your pores by flushing out blockages, drawing out impurities and balancing out the rate at which the skin is sloughed off. It will reduce and diminish acne blemishes and blackheads. This clay is suitable for all skin types and great for those with oily skin or clogged pores. Has added low dose AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and Multi-Fruit Acid Complex which has cell renewing, firming, anti aging and soothing properties on the skin. It moisturizes and promotes collagen synthesis. Good for all skin types particularly oily skin.

Short list benefits are:

  • Tones & tightens skin; makes pores visibly smaller
  • Removes oils, toxic substances, impurities
  • Exfoliates, reduces sebum production
  • Cleanses, removes facial redness; absorbs and removes impurities
  • Stimulating blood flow to create healthy and glowing skin
  • Remove the undesirable signs of aging such as discoloration and wrinkling
  • has cell renewing, firming, anti aging and soothing properties on the skin; promotes collagen synthesis; firming & anti aging properties
  • Has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and antiseptic qualities; soothes skin
  • moisturizes, promotes collagen synthesis

Ingredients: French Green Clay, Botanical Alpha Hydoxy Acid Complex, Multi-Fruit Acid Complex.

Regenerating Australian Red Reef Clay with AHA

This clay is ideal for dry, sensitive skin and aging or mature skin types. Red clay delicately replenishes and heals tired skin cells. With its rich mineral content Red clay enhances the skin condition and appearance, especially when stressed or tired.

Short list benefits:

  • Give skin the wonderful glow of health and well being
  • Excellent anti aging clay
  • In fact primary use is as an anti-aging mask; 2x/week will decrease lines, wrinkles, crows feet
  • delicately replenishes, heals skin conditions and regenerates skin cells in dry, sensitive, aging and mature skin types
  • high in iron content and essential minerals help to replenish and regenerate the epidermis

Ingredients: Australian Reef Red Clay, Botanical Alpha Hydoxy Acid Complex, Multi-Fruit Acid Complex.

*Note: Amount of facials for 1-2 oz is between 7-14 applications. This depends on the amount applied. It is recommended to only apply a thin layer per application and leave on for approximately 15 minutes before removal. Increased length of wear of heavier coats to the skin do not mean the clay will work any differently. As with all products, no medical claims are given or implied. Do not use if allergic to any ingredients. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Do not ingest and keep away from eyes. Keep all products away from children.

*Note, we no longer carry Dead Sea Clay, Yellow and Black Clays. We make additions/changes based on item popularity.

For more information about us, see Pure Radiance

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