Anti Aging Eye Creams

Anti Aging Eye Creams
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Pure Radiance Anti Aging Eye Creams and Gels use multiple peptides and antioxidants to revive dry, puffy eyes with dark circles; removes lines, wrinkles, crows feet and builds collagen and elastin. Clinical trials were performed showing immediate line smoothing and tightening, where the severity of wrinkles decreased 17percent after 15 days, and up to 32percent after 28 days. For drastic results, we recommend regular use, 1-2 times daily. 

Free of gluten, paraben, artificial fragrance, SLS, estrogen, phthalate, mineral oil, dyes, silicone and synthetic preservatives.

Time Freeze Eye Cream $28.00: Erase years from your appearance with our rich, multiple peptide cream containing Peptides Snap 8, Pehpa Tight.  Gives an instant lift and hydrates the skin with antioxidants that help renew weakened capillaries and restores tissue blood flow, resulting in a brighter and revitalized eye area. Peptides relax tension (snare complex) and stimulates collagen growth. This cream is ideal for removing pre-exhisting lines, wrinkles, deep creases and crows feet. No Paraben, gluten, SLS, artificial fragrance, synthetic preservative, bismuth, dyes. Kosher Certified. 15ml/.5oz

Full Ingredients: Jojoba, Sesame, Wheat Germ & Coconut Oils; AloeVera, SNAP-8, Pepha- Tight, Retinol, Vitamin E, Rose Hip, Calendula Extract, Lemon Essential Oil, Glycerin.

Lift and Repair Eye Gel/Cream $27.00: Revitalize the eye area by regenerating cells with our multiple peptide gel cream containing Peptides Leuphasyl, Trylagen. Immediately hydrates, soothes and plumps. The bond between the epidermis and dermis is strengthened; collagen level is increased, eye area becomes brighter and fine lines and wrinkles are drastically improved. It is a light gel, with allot of power.  For those that need an extra boost, we recommend our Time Freeze Eye Cream which also helps with crows feet.  No artificial fragrance, Gluten and Paraben free. 15ml/.5oz

Full Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Leuphasyl, Trylagen, Retinol, Almond; Jojoba and Coconut Oils, Vitamin E, Rose Hip, Grapefruit Seed Extract and Essential Oil

Characteristics:  Both creams are formulated for easy absorption with excellent spread ability; a small amount goes a long way.  Suited for all ages and skin types. Non comedogenic, no fragrance, gluten, paraben, estrogen, phthalate, sulfate, formaldehyde

What is the application process? Apply 1-2 times daily by gently dabbing around the eye area and brow bone avoiding tear ducts.


Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care’s features and benefits:

  • achieve immediate tightening, smoothing, firming and lifting
  • stimulate and increase quantity and quality of collagen types I, III, IV and XVII
  • ​reduce and prevent lines and wrinkles; crows feet by increasing skin elasticity
  • decrease, treat and prevent dark circles, puffiness, broken blood cells and redness
  • strengthen tissue cells, fortify collagen fibrils, and visibly remodel the skin
  • improve and rejuvenate over-all skin tone and complexion

For additional product details including ingredients, benefits and details of our Organic, Antioxidant and Peptide skin care, see Pure Radiance

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